Ruta desde Agadir por Marruecos

6 días salir: Nuestros tours

Día 1: Agadir - Essaouira

Salida hacia Essaouira, atravesando los campos de argán y visita de la ciudad (ex Mogador), con los diferentes barrios de la Medina y el puerto pesquero. Cena libre y alojamiento en riad .

Día 2: El Jadida - Casablanca – Rabat

Desayuno y salida hacia Casablanca, vía El Jadida, ciudad portuguesa que visitaremos. Almuerzo. Por la tarde, visita de la ciudad, la plaza Mohamed V, atravesado por el Parque de la Liga árabe e interrupción delante de la mezquita Hassan II (visita facultativa, 120 MAD, salvo los días de fiestas religiosas). Continuación para Rabat. Cena y alojamiento.

Día 3: Rabat- Meknès - Volubilis - Fez

Desayuno y visita de la capital administrativa del Reino: méchouar, chellah, la torre Hassan, el Mausoleo Mohamed V y la kasbah Oudayas. A continuación seguimos hacia Meknès: donde visitaremos Bab Mansour y la Plaza El Hedim. Después, ya en Volubilis, visita de las ruinas romanas que se extienden sobre 40 ha. Cena y alojamiento en un maravilloso riad de Fez .

Día 4: Fez - Fez

Desayuno y visita de Fez El Bali, el barrio andaluz, el Medersa, Zaouia My Driss, el Karaouine, los barrios artesanales y los zocos. Almuerzo. Por la tarde, visita de Fez Eljadid, la entrada del Palacio Real, el Mellah y el complejo de los alfareros. Cena y Alojamiento en su riad.

Día 5: Fez - Beni Mellal - Marrakech

Desayuno y salimos por la mañana hacia Beni Mellal, atravesando por los valles del Atlas Medio: Immouzer, Ifrane, Azrou, Khenifra. Almuerzo. Por la tarde, continuaremos hacia Marrakech, atravesando por la llanura Tadla y Haouz. Cena-fantasía y alojamiento en Marrakech.

Día 6: Marrakech - Agadir

Desayuno y visita de Marrakech: los exteriores, la muralla, los jardines de la Menara y de Majorelle, las tumbas Saadíes, el Palacio Bahía y la famosa plaza Djemaa El Fna. Almuerzo. Por la tarde, continuamos hacia Agadir. Travesía del Alto Atlas, rico en color, la llanura de Souss (culturas bajo invernaderos y bosques de argán).

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      Unos de nuestros mejores viajes gracias a ellos, si al guía yunes (nuestro hermano berebere) y al gran chófer Carlos Sainz jeje Hamit. Ellos hacen que estos viajes valgan la pena, su amabilidad su carácter, todo. Hay que volver. \"\"Incluso nos montaron una mini boda berebere\"\" una pasada. Gracias por todo.

      Jordi i Lola
      Un viaje inolvidable

      el viaje fue increible, espero volver pronto, es apasionante, el clima, la gente, la música, el olor, ....todooooooooooooooooooo y .....conocerte a ti. Nery nery!!

      Paqui Garcia
      Hola Yunes

      Nuestro buen amigo YUNES, Alonso del desierto, para sus amigos de Alicante. Un chaval estupendo que se puede confiar con él.

      un amigo del desierto

      I am absolutely amazed with the treatment received by Africa Aventura during our stay in Morocco. Yunes has been not only a tour guide, but also a storyteller (he is an open book, you can talk with him of whatever you want to know), a waiter, a photographer, a mediator, a 24 hours personal assistant and a long etc. From the first day till the last one, he has accompanied us at every moment: In hotels: he has kept abreast of every detail, from reception, when he helped us to bring the luggage to the bedroom, to show us how to switch the air conditioned on, or even to give us towels at the swimming pool when we realized we had forgotten them. At meals: Yunes seated with us (we invited him to do so) like one more, but he was not relaxed like us because he was checking out that absolutely everything was perfect. If you needed something and the waiter was not close to asking for it, he stopped eating to bring you that thing. I remember when there were crepes to have for dessert and they were so delicious that I wanted to repeat. Then he gave me his. By the way, were couldn’t believe it when he took us to his own house where her mother cooked for us during the whole morning (the best cous-cous I have ever tried for sure). During transfers: Yunes came with us in our cars (we didn’t rent any) and he guided the route while explaining what the landscape offered. Also how people dressed, the differences between one looks and others, etc., etc. During activities: He organized everything too. He stayed even until the party in haimas reached his end just to make sure everything was okay (actually he was really tired because he wakes up at 4:30am to pray and then he never stops, but even that, he is always the last one lying down). At the time of purchases: Yunes took us to very good places, not only for the quality, but also taking in to account to whom the money was destined. To give an example, we saw many scarves shops, but he recommended us to buy them to a woman and her daughters, who started a kind of project to help the women involved. In definitely, Yunes has been the most incredible trip partner (I cannot say guide, it would not be fair) I have ever known. And now, I am sure I can say that a new friend has come into my life. Thank you Yunes, this trip without you wouldn’t be absolutely the same… Don’t ever change! You’re incredible!

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